IV Tranexamic acid warning

31 May 2024
Tranexamic acid, SAHPRA
31 May 2024

The various manufacturers of IV tranexamic acid, in conjunction with SAHPRA have issued a safety advisory warning to healthcare providers to be aware that IV tranexamic acid is for intravenous administration only and is contraindicated via other routes such as intrathecal or epidural. 
According to previous advisories by the WHO and FDA, route of administration errors can result in serious adverse events such as refractory seizures, permanent neurological injury and even death, as tranexamic acid administered intrathecally is neurotoxic.
Administration errors have occurred, for example, when IV tranexamic acid has been confused with bupivacaine which is administered for spinal anaesthesia. Healthcare workers are advised to put safety measures in place to avoid situations which could result in products being misidentified based on the shape, size, colour and labelling of the product.Read the Medicines Safety Information released by SAHPRA here.