2024 Commonly used drugs requiring caution in pregnancy/breastfeeding

01 Mar 2024
Safety of medicines in pregnancy and breastfeeding
01 Mar 2024

Introducing our new tool: "2024 Commonly Used Drugs Requiring Caution in Pregnancy/Breastfeeding." Developed collaboratively by the Medicines Information Centre, South African Medicines Formulary (SAMF) unit, and UBOMI BUHLE, this resource is your go-to for safe medication practices during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Stay informed, safeguard maternal and infant health, and access the tool today! 💡 Remember, while this list is comprehensive, it's not exhaustive. If a medicine is not listed this does not mean it can be safely used. This information is intended to support a discussion between a health care professional and the patient. It should guide the discussion on the risks and benefits, to both mother and foetus, when starting or continuing a particular medicine in a pregnant/breastfeeding woman.

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