Oral treatment for severe postpartum depression

01 Sep 2023
Postpartum depression
01 Sep 2023

The FDA recently approved the registration of a neuroactive steroid (which is an analogue of the progesterone metabolite, allopregnanolone) called zuranolone, specifically for the treatment of post-partum depression.

Although the mechanism of action is not yet fully understood, it is thought to act via positive allosteric modulation of GABA-A receptors. There is already another drug available in this class called brexanolone, but administration requires a 60-hour continuous infusion.

Zuranolone is given daily for 14 days, with clinical improvement in symptoms expected within a few days. In the current trials – on which the FDA approval was based – patients were only followed up for four weeks after completion of 14 days of treatment and breastfeeding women were excluded from the trials.

Find the full story on the FDA website.